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Six Generations of Excellence
The Klein family studio was founded by Johann Ludwick Klein near Dresden, Germany in 1786. Johann had developed methods and techniques for repairing damaged porcelains from the nearby Meissen Factory. These skills were passed down from father to son, each generation adding new techniques to the knowledge of the last. In the early 1900's, A. Ludwig Klein brought the family firm to the United States and settled in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. William Karl Klein, author of Repairing and Restoring China and Glass: The Klein Method (Harper and Row, 1962), relocated the studio to Harleysville, Pennsylvania in the early 1970's. Byron Grant Klein is now the sixth generation to head the family corporation. Under Byron's management, the firm has grown by employing the foremost artists in the field and expanding into the restoration of more diverse articles.

With over 200 years in the restoration/conservation field, A. Ludwig Klein and Son, Inc. has earned the reputation as one of the finest restoration firms in the world. Realizing that each project provides its own unique challenges and solutions, The Studio matches each method and procedure to the client's needs and the particular requirements of the project.

A. Ludwig Klein and Son, Inc. uses the finest materials and techniques, as well as employing the most highly respected artists in their field. The firm's vast experience, along with its commitment to superlative workmanship down to the most minute detail, and utilization of only the premium quality restoration/conservation materials, allows the firm to warrant and guarantee all of their workmanship.

A. Ludwig Klein and Son, Inc. has worked for private collectors, museums, churches, and historical societies. Local, state and federal government agencies have also benefited from our services. The Klein Studio is highly recommended by many national and international collectors societies.

A. Ludwig Klein and Son, Inc. has extensive experience dealing with insurance companies offering appraisals, estimates, and damage reports. Whether the family pet broke an item or an entire collection was lost to a catastrophe, you can depend on us for unsurpassed quality and a prompt resolution of your damage claim. Our free estimates allow moving and storage companies, transport firms, and parcel delivery services to quickly process your request for damage compensation.

A. Ludwig Klein and Son, Inc. renders the following services:
• Free Consultation: The artists work with the client to determine the subject's needs and address any concerns.
• Free Estimate: An itemized estimate of cost including approximate restoration time, materials, and labor.
• Appraisal: Accredited member of the International Society of Appraisers. Descriptive written appraisals, with references, on approximate value of the art for insurance concerns.
• Research: A fully documented history and origin of a piece including artistic, historical and cultural significance.
• Cleaning: Professional cleansing with the use of chemical, steam, or pressurized cleaners for the removal of airborne contaminants, previous repair materials, corrosion, dirt, fire, and smoke damages, including nicotine.
• Conservation: Steps are taken to preserve a piece using only original parts and materials.
• Restoration: Methods to restore a piece to its original appearance. This includes the replacement of missing parts, and repair of structural defects. A Ludwig Klein and Son, Inc. offers the following four levels of restoration that range from the basic repair of the broken areas, to a complete restoration of the piece, with all repairs being completely invisible:

Collector Quality Restoration • Dealer Quality Restoration
Gallery Quality Restoration • Museum Quality Restoration

Shipping Instructions
1. Save all of the pieces! Wrap large pieces in foam or bubble pack, place smaller pieces in a seal able envelope or container.
2. Carefully pack your piece(s) in a sturdy new box. Surround the piece(s) with foam packing chips or crumbled newspaper. Seal this inner box.
3. Place inner box into a larger box, surround with foam packing chips.
4. Enclose a letter with your name, address, area code and phone number. Detail all areas of damage to the piece.
5. Label the box in large letters: "GLASS-DO NOT DROP" and "FRAGILE".
6. Ship via UPS or Federal Express. Insure for a minimum of $1,000 or the known value of the piece.
7. Within 5 working days of our receipt of your package, we will mail to you a detailed written estimate of damages, cost, and restoration options.
The Studios of A. Ludwig Klein and Son, Inc. are located on PA. Route 63 in Harleysville, PA., just 6 miles from the Northeast Extension of the Pennsylvania Turnpike. For further directions please feel free to contact us.

If you plan to be in the Philadelphia/New York area, we invite you to arrange an appointment to discuss your restoration needs and view the Klein family gallery.
A. Ludwig Klein and Son, Inc.
P.O. Box 145 Rt. 63
Harleysville, PA. 19438 USA


(215) 256-9004
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-John Ruskin

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